Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our event space and services. If you need additional information, please feel free to call us at 479-587-9944.

1. How much does it cost to rent a room?

Rates depend on a variety of factors, including the estimated size of your event and the date or dates you are interested in. Discounts are offered Monday-Thursday. For a detailed explanation, call our sales team at (479) 587-9944.

2. What is included in the room rental fee?

Tables, chairs, lap-length linens in black or white, and basic audio/visual equipment are included. Items that can be rented for an additional fee can be found by downloading our Rental Form.

3. Must I hire exclusive catering through the Fayetteville Town Center, or can I provide outside catering?

You are welcome to hire a caterer of your choosing! We reserve the right to refuse access to caterers who repeatedly abuse our policies. If that occurs, Fayetteville Town Center staff will communicate that to you.

4. Can I bring in my own alcohol?

All alcohol must be purchased through Fayetteville Town Center. Events for non-profit organizations may have alcohol donated by a distributor, but this must be arranged in advance with Fayetteville Town Center staff. Click here to download our complete Alcohol & Cash Bar Policy.

5. Do you have a kitchen or facilities for a caterer?

Yes, we have a full catering kitchen with two electric convection ovens, two gas convection ovens, a gas oven/stove top, dishwasher, two coolers and an ice machine.

6. As a client, what are my responsibilities after the event?

Clients are required to remove all items they have brought with them. If your event is catered, your caterer is responsible for any trash generated by their services. We also offer recycling options for aluminum, plastic, glass and cardboard, as well as composting. If the kitchen is used, it must be cleaned by the caterer and approved by the event services coordinator.

7. Can we hang decorations (ie. art or banners) in our room?

Only Fayetteville Town Center team members may hang art or banners. The cost is $25 per item.

8. Do you have full-length linens for round tables?

Fayetteville Town Center has four-point lap length linens with the corners touching the floor. You may request eight-point linens in order to create a full-length effect for $5 per additional linen.

9. Does Fayetteville Town Center provide silverware, plates, or glassware?

To help keep our costs low for our clients, we do not provide these items. Clients or their caterers can provide silverware, plates and glassware of their choosing.

10. Is internet access available?

Yes! Fayetteville Town Center has WiFi throughout the building.

11. What is the parking situation at the Fayetteville Town Center?

Fayetteville Town Center has a gateless parking system and can include complementary parking during your event times. Outside of those times, the parking is paid per vehicle. There are 200 available parking spaces in the garage and approximately 1,000 spaces within walking distance.

12. What size tables do you have?

  • 60" round tables which seat 8-10
  • 6' x 30" rectangular table for approximately 3 seats per side
  • 6' x 15" classroom tables
  • 36" x 72" serpentine
  • 36" round cocktail tables, tall or short

13. Is the Fayetteville Town Center accessible to individuals with disabilities?

We strive for our facility to be not only accessible, but welcoming and accommodating to individuals of all abilities. Fayetteville Town center meets ADA accessibility guidelines. Please reach out to our staff to discuss ways we can meet your needs and ensure the safety and comfort of all of our guests.

14. Is there a deposit for the room? Is the deposit refundable?

Fayetteville Town Center requires a 50% deposit of the room rental and estimated incidentals (if applicable). The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the event date(s). The deposit is non-refundable.

15. What is Food Loops?

Following our core value of sustainability, we now work to create Zero-Waste Events working alongside Food Loops and Fayetteville Waste Management to make sure we party responsibly. This service is required for all events and is priced on a sliding scaled based on your needs. Whether providing food personally or through a caterer, we ask you to use either reusable or compostable tableware. For additional information check out Food Loops website at

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